Absolute Pumpkin™

(Pumpkin Seed Protein / Pumpkin Powder)

There are more and more people falling in love with pumpkin due to its nutritional value and pleasant taste. According to many major global research reports, there are increasing usage of pumpkins for food application, such as food services products in restaurant dishes,  bakery like biscuits, bread, or other snacks like ice-cream, also in the beverage like smoothies, coffee, etc. and increasing awareness about nutritional value of pumpkin, and “SUPER FOOD” concept. Therefore, the predicted annual growth rate of pumpkin market is 32%, which is an impressive one!

On the other hand, pumpkin seed is rich in amino acids, especially the 9 essential ones. Besides, it also contains some omega fatty acids and minerals like magnesium, phosphorus, and zinc. With the advance of extraction technology, pumpkin seed protein has been extracted successfully, which broaden the application of pumpkin products from foods to nutritional supplements.

MCB absolute pumpkin™ provides you the solutions for food and nutritional supplement with two products:

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